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The Talos Project is a science fiction webcomic I started developing many years ago in my spare time. I launched the first version of it in 2008 and followed up with an update about a year later, but due to the recession I had to focus on my main business as I had become freelance at the same time as launching Talos and had wanted to move into a new area, CG animation having done illustration only prior. Within a few months of launching Talos and going freelance, the global recession kicked in and so I couldn’t support Talos as a free webcomic and all the work involved as well as earning a living in a competitive marketplace. Since then I have been working hard at growing my business and so after having a busy period and just finished some work for Paypal a month ago as of writing this, I am in a position to attempt to kick-start the relaunch of The Talos Project once again, but this time it’s bigger and better then what I had originally planned. I like to think the extra years that have passed have helped me to mature the story and come back at a time where there are more innovative ways to share a story such as this. The old site was flash based as was the trend back then, however that had to go in the advent of non-flash enabled devices, so began the task of finding alternative methods for a somewhat interactive/animated science fiction webcomic solution which has no real existing platform and I am not a web developer, nor have the funding to hire one. Anyway, positive thinking and desire to succeed regardless has allowed the current version to be realised in its current form that works on all devices and is touch enabled that contains some animation from simple coded animation to full video sections. I’m working on creating some custom music  to add. I have bigger plans for the music as I am also a musician and so will be composing more original music when time permits. I also plan to expand upon the animated and interactive elements on the motion comic as it develops. I plan to launch a crowd-funding campaign as soon as I have all the elements I need prepared so that with sufficient funding I can take things up a notch or two.