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    This is a medium length male hairstyle with side parting suitable for highly realistic and photo-real digital characters.
    Created in Maya 2018 using Ornatrix for Maya 2 and rendered in Redshift 2.6 and available in various formats:
    The main file is a baked Ornatrix hair node to allow further editing if you have Ornatrix Installed (2.6x). The Maya scene depicted in the turntable animated video preview is also included and is ready to render with all lights etc.
    Also available is a Redshift Proxy file using a low poly preview mesh which is not rendereable as instead at rendertime, the Redshift Proxy parented under the poly mesh will render the fully detailed high resolution hair depicted in the turntable animated video preview. Orbnatrix is therfore not required to use this version, but you will need redshift as the proxy node in the scene will refernce a redshift proxy file (Hair_rs_Proxy.rs also included).
    To be referenced by the above Maya scene file.
    Hair_Hi_Poly_Mb.zip/ Hair_HighPoly_OBJ.zip
    In addition, a .mb and .obj mesh of the hair (using thickness export) is available to use with other software and renderers.
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    This is a full smart suit clothing outfit ( Note: hands and head not included ). Model is available as a Maya scene (.mb and .ma) with redshift shader set up with displacement and texture maps.
    Also available in fbx format.
    Clothing elements include:
    Shirt, Tie, Jacket, Belt, Trousers, Shoes and Buttons.
    Maya file versions contain additional nodes in shader network to create the look in the renders if used with similar lighting set ups.
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    A scanned model of an old tree stump