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    This is a full smart suit clothing outfit ( Note: hands and head not included ). Model is available as a Maya scene (.mb and .ma) with redshift shader set up with displacement and texture maps.
    Also available in fbx format.
    Clothing elements include:
    Shirt, Tie, Jacket, Belt, Trousers, Shoes and Buttons.
    Maya file versions contain additional nodes in shader network to create the look in the renders if used with similar lighting set ups.
  • Sale!

    Leather Glove

    A fully textured, quad mesh leather glove model. Comes with low res base mesh, maya scene using Arnold 5, colour, spec and normal maps,  plus multi-level Zbrush and Mudbox sculpt files.  
  • This Military style backpack model is a low poly quad base game ready mesh (one uv tile). This product includes 2k PBR maps including 3 colour (Jungle, Desert, Urban), roughness, metal, height and normal maps. Model formats are obj, fbx, .ma and .mb. Maya file is set up for Redshift shaders.
  • Photogrammetry Asset: A medium resolution scan of a stalagmite/stalactite pillar. Can be used for set dressing etc. Comes with Maya (2018) scene lit in Redshift/Arnold, base mesh obj, high res obj, Zbrush tool, along with colour, specular, normal and displacement maps.   Polys: 12595 Verts: 12596