Transhumanism: What does it mean to you?

To me transhumanism is not just about technology. Aside from it’s obvious importance in prosthetics – restoring previously lost abilities most of us take for granted- there is much more to the subject. We often get caught up in the gimmicks of cool tech, however, technological advance does not always mean true progress. Of course I have no doubt someone always benefits, perhaps financially but this is not humanity as a whole. To me transhumanism is more about the questions that extremely advanced technology or scientific breakthroughs raise. Real game-changers that force to you rethink ethics and laws. This is what I like about good science-fiction and or cyberpunk (depending how you want to classify them) stories and art. It’s not just the shiny tech with lights on, but that these are simply extreme circumstances that allow for people’s humanity, or lack thereof to come to the surface.

The Talos Project: A Cyberpunk Web Comic

I’m creating a Cyberpunk Web Comic that allows me to exercise these thought processes and create art on the subject matter. As part of this world-building process, I had to design a few logos and brands to represent groups and corporations to populate the world. This included giving some thought to fashion and what people would wear. During this process I came to the concept of representing a group of progressive characters who touch upon the subject of transhumanism. Tranhumanism is often now more conveniently referred to as H+. This is succinct and clear however, I felt it deserved more. Something less clinical and corporate. It may be suitable to represent big-pharma and tech companies, but what about the people that use them? It didn’t strike me as very cultural or visually interesting. So I went about designing an alternative.

>H: More Than Human Symbol

Instead of H+, I went for >H. More then Human. Rather then human, with something stuck onto it like a clunky 80’s notion of a cyborg, I thought of more than just human. Striving to be better, because It’s not about being human, it’s about being humane. What you are is not as important as who you are and what you do and importantly how you treat others. So I went for a symbol that I felt was more visually artistic and modern in its design. Something visually pleasing but with I felt a better message and meaning to it.

Greater then we were, pointing forward to a better future and a better version of ourselves. This does not need to mean merging literally with machine, but continuing the healthy symbiosis we currently enjoy. We walk the fine line between technological advancement that can be empowering, or used to enslave us. My desire is to bring the focus back to humanity rather then the technology with particular attention to culture and art.

Future Fashion

I initially started making these for myself as I found the options for men’s clothing very limited, so started making my own designs. Now I also have a web comic to promote so have merchandise to help fund further progress on the chapters. Thus I have put these concepts together to create a store. Any purchase on the store grants access to the next issue of the web comic as soon as its released.

All sales made on the store go towards funding future chapters of the comic. So If you like what you see, please support me by sharing this website with friends. If you purchase anything from the store however, then not only will you receive my eternal gratitude, but you will be directly helping the progression of the story.

For those of you who are Deus Ex fans….I have also added a DX Edition themed version to the store. Pictures of products will be added to the store soon as well as a UK product range. The tees are currently available in the US and Canada and are produced in California. I also have a couple of art prints available to US, Canada, UK and EU.

Future Fashion

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