Update: New Talos soldier mask model

Update: New Talos soldier mask model Hi all. I know it’s been a while since new art from the webcomic has surfaced but I have been busy on many things. So here is a sneak peak of a new Talos soldier mask model for a major update to The Talos Project. This is just part of the full model [...]

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Origami Quadrotor Drone Design

Origami Quadrotor Drone Design Thanks to the power of its rotors, this fold-up quadrotor extends its articulated arms and takes off in a fraction of a second. This prototype will be viewed by specialists on May 25 at the International Conference on Robotics and Automation in Seattle.

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Deus Ex Sequel: Mankind Divided Trailer

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is the newly announced Deus Ex sequel to Human Revolution. Set in 2029, it follows on from Human Revolution after all ‘augs’ were turned against each other created a zombie like scene in Panchaea, but of course the effects of this beyond the facility would have significant impacts.

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CYBERLEGs, acronym for “The CYBERnetic Lower-Limb Cognitive Ortho-prosthesis”, is a Collaborative Research project funded by the European Commission.

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BladeRunner Sequel Confirmed

Harrison Ford to Return for ‘Blade Runner’ Sequel Directed by Denis Villeneuve It seems we will finally get a sequel to one of the most iconic sci-fi films created that also inspired so many to create so much that I love. Looking forward to seeing what they do in the new time-period (2019 not very far away now [...]

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New Character Concept Design

Been busy both updating the functions of the web comic itself but also creating new concepts for later in the story. This is a character concept design featuring in a storyline in Hong Kong that features in Chapter 4. Yes there are loads more to the story then what has been seen… More info to come.

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Completely New Website and Content!

After a long hiatus, The Talos Project is back and with a totally new website with updated art in progress. Also a new webcomic viewer also since the original was built back in the day of flash and I wanted to make it optimal for current tablet devices. It’s a story about the science of the future after all!

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