Creator: Giorgos (Gio) Chronopoulos

Gio Chronopoulos - Creator of The Talos Project Cyberpunk Web Comic

I’ve been working as a professional artist and animator for over 14 years. I Started work full-time at the age of 19 at Striker 3D Ltd creating Striker the word’s first 3D comic strip for UK’s best selling newspaper The Sun and the weekly Striker comic book.

I also worked on writing and illustrating The Premier, another 3D football comic strip for The Sun. In addition I created 3D graphics for special news features in The Sun and The News of the World whilst working in-house at News International Newspapers Ltd.

After spending 7 years working full-time creating 3d art to the unforgiving and relentless deadlines of the newspapers, I took some time out to launch a self-funded online 3D sci-fi webcomic called The Talos Project.

Using The Talos Project online comic as a portfolio to launch my own creative business, I was approached within a month of its launch by award winning web company Theory7 to be part of a large marketing campaign to help launch the New Ford Fiesta backed by Microsoft.

Over the last few years since turning freelance I have transitioned from digital illustration work to animation which involved a lot of learning and re-investment into software and hardware and taking on progressively more challenging projects. But during a few years I have grown to accommodate all kinds of animation work from motion graphics to complex character animation for various large clients with my most recent project being for Paypal/Ebay inc. As a result of this time spent growing my business, my experience has shaped my vision for what The Talos Project should be.

I currently run TALOS Creative

This is my current studio showreel of my work.